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Boarding schools – Gateway to Ivy League

“Boarding Schools” Project

Being one of the most liberal educational systems in the world, an American education isn't only limited to developing an individuals academic skills, it also helps expand the mindset of a child in the field of arts, theology, and religion, among others.

This system is used by public and private schools, and also boarding schools. Children in boarding schools are highly evolved, even by American standards.

The secret is very plain: high attention from professors’ sight, big motivation to study, and lofty goals setting.
Boarding school is a great chance not only get high school education but also is your lucky ticket to Universities of top 50 in the USA and worldwide.

Our academy was highly interested in the question of applying to such kind of educational institutions. Today we proudly announce our new program: “Boarding school – Gateway to the Ivy League“.

GOAL: find talented students who want to study from 9th to 12th grade at top  US boarding schools.

Criteria for selecting students:

  1. Student must be entering 10th or 9th class. 
  2. High GPA (4.5 or higher )
  3. IBT more than 60
  4. Impressive list of extracurricular activities or hobbies
  5. Readiness to work hard.
  6. Math test (60 percents) 
  7. Interview.
Class Size:
  1. 10 people
  2. 7 full paying ($950)
  3. 3 full scholarship (0$)

Duration of the program: 10 months.


Part 1: IBT : June 1 - August 31 Expected Results: 95+ on IBT

Part 2: Application Materials : September 1 - 31 November Expected Results: Essay, three recommendation letters

Part 3: SSAT : December 1 - April 20 Expected Results: 700 - 800 points

Part 4: Enrollment : January - February Expected Results: Enrollment

Program Fee is 950 $;
  • Initial fee: 200 $; 
  • Second payment (31st of July): 150$
  • Third payment ( 31st of November): 300$
  • Last payment (20th of April ): 300$
 To send your application, please press below:
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