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    Helping talented Kyrgyz students get world class education.

  • Online Application

    The application for 2017 is now open!


    The deadline for submitting application was September 25th, 2017 but we do accept late applications. Hurry up and submit your application today.

  • Application Process



    Students meeting the following criteria can apply to our program:

    • You are in 9-11th grade (11th Graders should be warned that duration of the program is 2 years. In this case, the student should take a gap year)
    • You have a high GPA (4.5 or Higher)
    • You must score more than 60 on Trial iBT 
    • You participate in a variety of extracurricular activities.
    Following the application, you must meet these criteria to increase your chances of getting accepted int our program:
    • You must score higher than 60 percent on our math test (Trial test taken from SAT Math)
    • You must pass an interview conducted by our coordinators.
    • You must write an acceptable entry essay. 

  • Selection Criteria


    We regret to not being able to provide seats for every application searching for the unique assistance our institution offers. The selection process is highly diligent, but, please, be assured that each application is considered carefully. The following traits play a strong role in the selection process:



    Unique skills and knowledge

    Extracurricular activities revolving around, and including incredible talents, skills and knowledge that makes the applicant stand out over others.

    High academic records and strong learning abilities

    We are looking for confident students that are willing to give what it takes to score the necessary number of points for the tests that determine the fate of their admissions.


    Human factor

    KLA supplies students with all the necessary resources to successfully pass the program. However, the academy is also about the people. Students here are treated as part of one family, and we expect everyone to: help each other, be open minded to constructive criticism, listen carefully to the suggestions of the mentors, and to never stop improving yourself.


    Arise! Awake! and stop not until the goal is reached.

  • Our Mission

    Growing Kyrgyzstan’s future leaders through providing an opportunity to study at one of the top US universities.



    Get consultations from our mentors anytime you want



    Considering your interests and capabilities, we will help you showcase your best leadership qualities.





    KLA will prepare you for SAT I, iBT TOEFL, essay writing, interview, collection of Essential Application Documents.



    We will prepare an individual strategic plan, that will help you to get accepted to the University of your dream

  • Meet Our Students

    Zalkar Ziiaidin was accepted to Bennington College with a full ride scholarship.

  • About The Program

    Kyrgyz Leaders Acadamy is a non-profit organization established to assist most talented, intelligent and ambitious Kyrgyz students to get education in world's best colleges and universities, usually located in the United States.



    Kyrgyz Leaders Academy (KLA) , a non-profit social enterprise was launched in July 4th, 2015 by Seyitbek Usmanov and Nurgul Malabaeva. The organization prepares talented 9th and 10th graders to be the future leaders of Kyrgyz Republic. We believe that each Warrior of our program will be a force for transforming and developing our country. Although our students are diverse one goal they all share is a desire to get admitted to a US college. There are many challenges and barriers that our students will have to overcome. For this reason they proudly call themselves “Warriors”. Our mentors, who got their education at top U.S. universities once passed through all difficulties with university preparation. They will share the best advices and strategies to get admitted.



  • Our History

    Kyrgyz Leaders Academy is the first and only program in Kyrgyzstan during which a student goes through a whole preparatory process for admission into US universities and colleges. The unique approach we take towards our students allowed us to reach amazing results within 2 years. We equip our students with vital skills, knowledge and integrity.In 2016- 2017 admission process 7 out of 8 Kyrgyz Leaders Academy's students got accepted to desired institutions they applied to. The total amount of financial aid received by our students was $ 1,294,000.


  • Our Team

    Our mentors, mainly from Kyrgyz Republic, have studied at top US universities. They could do it. So can you!

    Seyitbek Usmanov

    Founder, Mentor

    University of Toronto, Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting and Finance; University of Virginia, Darden School of Business, MBA



    Parke Muth

    Member of Advisory board; Chief mentor

    University Of Viginia BA with highest distinction, English Language and Literature/Letters; University of Virginia Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Creative Writing




    Rafe Steinhauer


    University of Virginia ,Master of Education (M.Ed.) University of Virginia Darden School of Business,Master of Business Administration (MBA); Princeton University Bachelor of Science and Engineering (BSE), Operations Research and Financial Engineering



    Ilgiz Saubanov


    Washington and Lee University, B.A., Economics University of Virginia, Masters of Public Policy



    Eldar Supataev


    American University of Central Asia, Incomplete B.A., Computer Software Engineering; ​ United States Military Academy at West Point​, B.S., Information Technologies


    Emily Bang


    University of Virginia Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Foreign Affairs



    Bolot Esenov


    Berea College, Bachelor of Business Administration


    Saltanat Sandybaeva


    Isabek Asanbaev

    College Counselor

  • KLA in The News

    We are always delighted when local news outlets show interest in KLA

    Kyrgyz Leaders Academy founder Seyitbek Usmanov appears on Утро на НТС talking about the admission process into American universities and the challenges students face when applying.

    Kyrgyz Leaders Academy's Chief Mentor and Member of Advisory Board Parke Muth gets interviewed by Radio Azattyk...

    Elena Strokova, Kyrgyz MP, and Member of the SDPK Party in Kyrgyzstan has visited the University of Virginia. In Virginia, she discussed the implementation of teaching methods from the U.S. educational system into the Kyrgyz educational system...

    Parke Muth will be conducting lectures to students about applying to American universities. The lectures will take place in Bishkek, Osh, Djalal Abad, and Talas...

    Seyitbek Usmanov (MBA ’15) has launched a new venture, the Kyrgyz Leaders Academy (KLA), in his home country of the Kyrgyz Republic.

    Parke Muth, an expert at accepting international students to top institutions in U.S.A. will be conducting lectures in Kyrgyzstan...

  • Testimonials

    Hear what former and current KLA students have to say about us.

    Monika Rudzkyte

    Hey, guys! My name is Monika and I improved my TOEFL 40 points over 3 months. When I first became a warrior of “Kyrgyz Leaders Academy” I had a score of 44. Now I have 84, and it’s not the end.

    Ayana Shambetova

    I have participated in KLA program for the last 10 months. All KLA team in their own ways helped me. Burul – is the most irreplaceable worker, honestly ,she helped to me, not only to me, to all students in everything what she could do. All of our IBT teachers taught us not only how to pass iBT successfully, but also to be creative.They do their work creatively, which awakes student’s interest in the topic of the lesson and they can understand it easily.

    Ulan Mirlan Uulu


    Hello everyone! Are you having trouble on making progress on TOEFL? If yes, know that you are not alone. I was also struggling with this problem. By the way, I should say that my score can still be imporved. I do not want to tell you that 79 points on TOEFL are enough to study in USA.

  • Teaching Opportunities

    Kyrgyz Leaders Academy is seeking a smart, energetic,and enthusiastic SAT teacher to be based in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, who has experience in teaching SAT (new format). This position involves teaching SAT for future Kyrgyz Leaders. Join us and make a contribution in developing our next generation of leaders.


    Classes to be taught :

      • SAT Critical Reading
      • Writing and Language Use
      • SAT Math
      • Essay Writing


      • Bachelor's Degree
      • 2 Years of Teaching Experience
      • A Burning Desire to Share the Love of Learning

      Preferred Skills

      • Fluent English
      • Experience Getting a High Score on SAT
      • Ability to Motivate Students


      Kyrgyz Leaders Academy is interested in cooperating with an experienced iBT teacher from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Join our KLA family and help us grow the future leaders of Kyrgyzstan.


      Classes to be taught :


      • iBT Reading
      • iBT Listening
      • iBT Speaking
      • iBT Writing



      • Bachelor's Degree (Preferably in Education)
      • High iBT Scores (Recommended)
      • 2 Years of Teaching Experience

      Preferred Skills:

      • Fluent English
      • Experience Passing iBT
      • Ability to Motivate Students


      What We Offer:


      • Salary Payment on Time
      • A Comfortable and Convenient Office in the Centre of Bishkek
      • Study Materials (books, online resources)
      • Friendly Staff

      For more information please feel free to contact us (salta.sandybaeva@gmail.com).


      Help us prepare future Kyrgyz Leaders. Let’s do it together! Let’s do it now!


    • Mentoring

      Kyrgyz Leaders Academy is always open for new collaborations. Being a KLA mentor is an excellent opportunity to contribute to developing, and raising future Kyrgyz Leaders.

      Fill out the application form below and become our mentor.

    • The KLA Blog

      Keep up with the latest at Kyrgyz Leaders Academy

      Being one of the most liberal educational systems in the world, an American education isn't only limited to developing an individuals academic skills, it also helps expand the mindset of a child in the field of arts, theology, and religion, among others. This system is used by public and...
    • FAQ

      Here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

      How do I get accepted university in the United States?

      The main criteria to enter universities in the U.S

      are :

      • SAT 1400-1600
      • SAT II 750 – 800
      • iBT 110-120;  IELTS 6.5 -7.0
      • GPA 4.6-5.0

      You should also have a profile with the highest average score of the certificate (GPA), leadership qualities, shown in one or another activity for a sufficiently long period of time (at least six months) and confidence in the chosen university.



      Why Kyrgyz Leaders Academy?

      Kyrgyz Leaders Academy – is a team of highly qualified specialists. By applying a combination of individual approach, and the best training practices for university admission, the team will guarantee you entry into the top 50 U.S schools.

      With Kyrgyz Leaders Academy your preparation for admission will be not so routine and exhausting, but on the contrary, you will acquire new knowledge, learn more about yourself and gain confidence.



      What time is required to effectively prepare for university entrance?

      Start your preparation process as early as it is possible. According to our observations, 2 years are enough to get prepared for successful admission.

      Why are leadership qualities so important? Isn’t it enough to have a high GPA?

      It is hard to distinguish applicants with high grades, so that’s why your leadership qualities are important for admission committee

      What are the chances of applicants from Kyrgyzstan to get admitted to a top school in U.S in comparison with applicants from other countries?

      The top universities are eager to accept students from different countries. The number of applicants from Kyrgyzstan is very small, so our fellow citizens that meet the requirements, will be interesting and taken into account by the commission members.

      What is the SAT?

      The SAT is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States

    • Contact Us

      Let us know if you have any questions, feedback, or if you need some advice.

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      Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
      0 553 200 693
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